Mainstream dietary guidelines for #diabetes discredited.

makeonehealthychoiceIf you’re relying on dietary advice from mainstream sources you really need to be aware of three articles that I’ve spotted recently – one very recently!

Just today a new article debunks the myth that eating everything in moderation is the way to go. The article reveals this approach could actually lead to metabolic disorders – a fancy way to say insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes!

So why, after diagnosis, are so many patients advised to eat whatever they like in moderation – whatever the definition of ‘moderation’ actually is?

One of the most shocking pieces of advice reported to me by a client is “to carry on as you are but just eat healthily“. What? That’s a contradiction if ever I heard one – current diet was a big contributory factor in her developing Type 2 diabetes in the first place – how could it possibly be an appropriate strategy to manage the disease? And what does ‘eat healthily’ even mean?

Here in the UK, I would suggest, patients have been completely misled about healthy eating for weight loss and for managing diabetes through diet by both the NHS and the nation’s largest diabetes charity.

Just a month ago a damning article was published criticising the out of date guidance provided by Diabetes UK, and a mere 4 days ago it was reported that scientists are finally questioning the appropriateness of dietary advice promoted by the NHS for 32 years. None of this makes for pleasant reading, and especially by those patients who have adopted that (frankly wrong!) advice. These people have been badly let down by the very organisations who wield a weight of power in dictating diabetes guidance, and who have, in my opinion, totally neglected their duty of care. Hippocrates must be turning in his grave!

There is an alternative, and yes, it is RebalanceDiabetes which has come up trumps again for a happy client. I am delighted to share Jackie’s success story with you, right here:

#standtogether for effective dietary guidance!  

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