My Birthday Treats!?!

IMG_20150430_085803Hey – happy birthday to me! Like every fortunate person I’ve been given lots of lovely “treats” for my birthday. Some of them contain sugar! Thankfully, most of them are bars of 100% chocolate – deliciously sugar-free!

Now, over the years I’ve generally conditioned my mind to see sugar as a poison. A delicious poison sometimes, but still a poison. So it gets me to thinking about how we should define “TREAT”.

A quick google later and I’ve got several dictionary definitions to think about and to share! First there’s the one I might have been expecting to find:

The definition of a treat is something pleasant that is unexpected or that is offered as a surprise or a reward. An example of a treat is going out for ice cream. verb.
One that I had no idea I would find:
Top Definition. treat. To insult someone badly. “Damn She treated yo ass!” by Tashea Moore … 3- “that MILF was a treat” “shes the treatiest girl ive ever seen”.
And several that consider “treat” to be something we do rather than something we receive:
1.1 (treat something as) Regard something as being of a specified nature with implications for one’s actions concerning it: the names are being treated as …
to act or behave toward (a person) in some specified way: to treat someone with respect. 2. to consider or regard in a specified way, and deal with accordingly:.
treatdefinition, meaning, audio pronunciation, synonyms and more. What is treat? to behave towards someone or deal with something in a particular way: : See …
So if “treat” is something we do I wonder how I am “treating” myself by eating those sugary offerings? My honest answer is not very well! Not that I’m ungrateful for my pressies at all. Not that I won’t eat them and enjoy them either! But, hand on heart I can’t say they will do me good, or even that they won’t do me harm. “Treat” is half of the word “treatment”.  In terms of good health it isn’t possible to think of sugar as a beneficial “treatment”!
Treating my tastebuds and treating my health are poles apart when it comes to sugar! The only way I can resolve the urge to eat those tasty tit-bits with maintaining good health is to acknowledge their harmfulness, and indulge in very little very occasionally. Certainly, where sugar is concerned, a little of what you fancy most certainly does not do you good! The best to hope for is that a little of what you fancy doesn’t do too much damage! So on my birthday today I’m not going to consider those lovely chocs or macaroons to be a treat but a cheat – a cheat I will allow today, but not tomorrow or the day after!
I know it’s unrealistic to think I (or you?) will never eat sugary “treats” again, but let’s at least resolve to see them as they should be seen…
…gorgeous little temptations that should be kept to a minimum! Luckily we only get one birthday each year!

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