Christmas with diabetes – make it easy part 2!

Last week we looked at the Christmas lunch main course. OK – so what about the rest of the meal, and especially the pudding?!

Let’s start with the starters – because this is easy. There is an endless choice of low-carb starters that push all the right blood-sugar balance buttons:

Soup anyone? There is nothing more adaptable for a diabetes-friendly meal than a good soup. If this is a soup to complement a roast dinner then let’s avoid the starchy vegetable varieties – as you’ll be getting your share of starchy (and therefore glucose-forming) vegetables as part of your main course – think the carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes here. So make your soup something without the starches. One of my favourite festive soups is mushroom and walnut. Or how about french onion with melted cheese? Or roasted red pepper soup? Delicious! But steer clear of the bread roll!

If you need any motivation to avoid the bread, then take Giles Coren’s line here. Bread was never intended to be a part of fine dining. It’s original purpose was to fill the bellies of hungry peasants who couldn’t afford better food. So maybe this year it has no place at your lavish Christmas table?

Not a soup person? Nor me really – I find soup too filling as a starter. I’m more for a baked camembert or brie – great with some fresh, sharp seasonal cranberries and a chicory garnish; or garlic mushrooms; or a small Caesar or Waldorf salad.
But I am a Christmas pud fan! There really is no such thing as a truly sugar-free Christmas pudding – how can there be when it’s packed full of dried fruits bursting with natural sugars? But the last thing your pudding needs is any added sugar – why would it? There’s a great recipe, courtesy of Nigella, I would like to share – click here – you’ll find others too I am sure. But if making your own is out of the question, it is perfectly possible to find a good artisan no added-sugar pudding to buy. Take a look at this one. Combine it with cream to slow down the rate at which those sugars find their way into your blood stream!

And enjoy! Just a little piece will do!

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