Christmas with diabetes – make it easy part 1!

It was a very frosty start in my part of the world this morning – winter is definitely happening. Then it dawned on me that 4 weeks from today we’ll be in the last throws of Christmas panics – Christmas Eve!

Don’t grumble at me for saying the ‘Christmas’ word before December gets underway! The essence of staying on track is be well-prepared and to have a plan! So that’s just 4 blogs to help you plan the best festive food ever – food that will help rather than hinder your blood sugar balance!

Let’s start today with the main event: the Christmas lunch – main course!

This is the easiest meal to get right for anyone with diabetes. For blood sugar control, there is nothing wrong with delicious roast meats and plenty of fresh winter vegetables; or if, like me, you’re vegetarian a luxurious nut roast! Just lots of quality proteins and nutritious veggies – packed with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants – it doesn’t get any better than this!

Just beware the potatoes! Keep your portion size in check. Yes they taste good, but see them as little blocks of carbohydrate waiting to explode into glucose the minute they hit your digestive system! Why not try sweet potato instead – less carby, and packed with so many more nutrients than a normal potato?

Avoid the shop-bought processed trimmings too!

Forget the sugar-fest that is manufactured cranberry sauce. Instead get fresh cranberries a little before the day, and pop them into your freezer or ice-box (mine are already in there!). Just a few minutes before you are due to serve up your meal, spread them out, still frozen, onto a baking tray and pop into a hot oven. The berries will burst to release a lovely sharp juice that is the perfect accompaniment to the rich roast flavours.

Instead of chestnut stuffing (full of bread) how about a few freshly roasted whole chestnuts? Great proteins, the best types of fat and low-carb. Full of flavour. Perfect!

Swap the bread sauce for a home made white sauce – try the roux method of making it – that’s just 25-30g flour between everyone around the table! Make it with full-fat milk too!

Use sprigs of fresh rosemary for an added seasonal flavour!

My mouth is watering already!

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