How and why RebalanceDiabetes is different (and better!)

carbsDo you know someone who has coeliac disease? If so you will know that a coeliac cannot deal with gluten – a large protein molecule naturally present in some grains – and that’s why he or she avoids wheat, oats and other grains LIKE THE PLAGUE! A coeliac knows just how ill they will feel if they continue to eat gluten – so they don’t. Simple!

So here’s my conundrum today…

Why does your NHS dietician, doctor or nurse, even Diabetes UK continue to encourage you to eat sugar? Why is the mainstream medical community in such denial about the fact that sugar is harmful – and especially to someone with diabetes?

Whether you have Type 1 or Type 2 – and there are clear differences in the causes, reasons and processes between these two but that’s a different blog for another day – here is a simple fact that you share: your body is having trouble dealing with sugar. Without appropriate management you would die from sugar. Why is a diabetic person, therefore, encouraged to still eat it? Why is a diabetic person not advised to avoid sugar LIKE THE PLAGUE?

The truth is that sugar naturally occurs in a wide variety of foods, so it’s difficult to avoid natural sugars. You can avoid all added sugars though!. Starchy carbohydrate foods might not contain actual sugars – but your body will convert the starches to sugar within minutes. This isn’t new or news to the ‘professionals’ who tell you to base your meals around starchy carbs. Diabetes UK are clear about telling you that your body will convert the starches to sugar. But they will then go on to tell you to go ahead and eat plenty of it anyway! Crazy?! Here’s an extract from their website today:

These foods increase the blood glucose even though they are not sweet in taste. The body digests them and breaks them down into glucose (sugar). Even though they raise blood glucose they should not be seen as ‘bad’ foods…All meals should contain a source of starchy carbohydrate

Worse is the advice that sugar itself is suitable for people with diabetes. It is beyond belief that dieticians advise that scones, digestive biscuits, teacakes and more are a suitable snack for someone with diabetes. The scanned pages below are taken from the advice booklet entitled “Healthy Eating For People with Diabetes” written and distributed by the Department for Nutrition and Dietetics at York District Hospital.

Crap advice

Carbs with every meal? Sugary snacks? This is madness! And more than that – in my opinion it is irresponsible madness!!

All the latest research evidence points to the fact that low-carb is better. Your doctors, dieticians, even Diabetes UK might be looking in the other direction but RebalanceDiabetes is right there! I will absolutely give you advice based on scientific research. I will absolutely tell you a different story – and I will introduce you to people who will willingly share their stories and tell you how that different story has worked for them.

If you want to find out more I am delighted to invite you to a FREE seminar – you can book right here:

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