New awareness for diabetics

Friday 14th November is World Diabetes Day. I guess most of the awareness being generated or shared will be about how to spot diabetes, the symptoms, complications etc. That’s great for anyone not aware that they might be showing some of those signs or symptoms, but the chances are if you are reading this you probably have all of that awareness already!

Today I want to tackle some other issues of awareness – some sad, and some glad, but all very personal to me. I hope you’ll understand a little bit more about my RebalanceDiabetes mission when you’ve read this. And, more than that, I really hope this might resonate with and help a few people along the way.

Mums are great aren’t they? And mine is guaranteed to challenge any decision I make. So when I told her I had written my book ‘the 6 diet‘ to help people with diabetes her reaction was typically priceless:

Well you haven’t got diabetes, what do you know about it?…You haven’t got diabetes…have you?”

No I haven’t got diabetes mum, but why don’t you read my book and see for yourself what I know about it?

A couple of days passed, and my mum rang me: she was choking back the tears.

“Elaine, I have been reading your book and I just had to ring to say thank you for what you’ve said about your gran [her mum]. It means so much to me.”

You might already know the part of my book she was talking about – but if not you’ll find it here – click this link to my webpage (it’s the bit at the bottom of the page in the pink block).

You see, diabetes doesn’t just affect the person with the disease – it affects everyone who loves that person too.

L1030668It’s 40 years ago this month since my gran died in a diabetic coma. Actually the anniversary is just 3 days away as I write this. On 10th November 1974 my gran died, and she didn’t get to say goodbye to me, and I didn’t get to say goodbye to her.

That single event still governs every aspect of my working day, because the pain it caused has never fully gone away. As I write this I’m not even trying to choke back my own tears – let them flow, she was worth every one of them!

Time heals but it doesn’t replace loss. Every day I am motivated to try to prevent some other grandaughter experiencing the same kind of pain that I felt and still feel; another daughter the same pain that still moves my own mother to tears. I am determined to try to prevent the pain that might yet be felt by anyone facing the decline or loss of a loved one to diabetes.

If you have diabetes I want to help you be more fully aware of how those who love you are also affected by your disease. I want to help you use that awareness to motivate yourself to act now to take real steps to prevent their pain as well as your own. And I want you to become fully aware that RebalanceDiabetes has been developed for YOU.

It works. I’ve shown you it works. People who have already completed a RebalanceDiabetes programme have been generous enough to share their stories to show you it works.

We all want to help YOU enjoy the best health you can, and understand how many people care about what you have to deal with on a daily basis.

I’d like to finish this post with the same dedication you’ll find in my book – it’s for my gran.

“Remembering Ivy Moore. She died too soon.”

With love, Elaine




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