Sensible advice for diabetics?

Did you catch the Radio 4 programme about diabetes on Thursday?  It covered 2 ways to reverse diabetes – an uber-low – 600ish – calorie diet, or bariatric surgery.  The problem with the programme was that it covered ONLY these two interventions.

OK, let me start by applauding the scientists that have enabled us to know there is a way to reverse diabetes.  For so long patients have been doomed by doctors and diabetes nurses to a lifelong illness – giving people no hope that anything could be done to change their fate.  I remember 2 well-meaning Diabetes Specialist Nurses explaining to me that once someone is diagnosed with diabetes they will tread an inevitable path to worsening health: to heart disease, reliance on statins as well as diabetic medications; neuropathy, pain, loss of sensation; to amputations; to blindness.

Well thank goodness we now ALL know those nurses were wrong!  And all credit to the scientists that are giving back hope.  Thank you.


Always a but!  Is the choice really as stark as an unsustainable starvation diet or radical surgery?

I would venture not!!  Recently other scientists have made the logical common sense link between eating carbohydrates and diabetes.  This has always been the logical common sense basis underpinning RebalanceDiabetes.  But more applause please for the scientists who have now concluded that restricting carbs should be the primary method of dealing with diabetes!

How much difference can straightforward common sense interventions make compared with the novel, but extreme measures discussed on Radio 4 last week? Let John Rendall explain:

Yey for the middle way!

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