Harmful insulin?

Glad to see insulin being questioned in the news this week.  It’s something that RebalanceDiabetes has questioned all along. After all:

  • People on insulin gain weight after a while
  • Doses tend to increase over time – telling you it doesn’t work long term
  • It encourages poor dietary habits – eat what you like and inject insulin to compensate?

And it’s this last point that makes no sense at all.

If someone without diabetes eats to much sugar or too many refined carbs, their bodies naturally produce insulin.  But since these people are likely to go on to develop Type 2 diabetes it’s clear that insulin doesn’t protect from inflammation, insulin resistance, weight gain, Type 2 diabetes, and eventual complications associated with diabetes.

So how is injecting artificial insulin appropriate for people who already have problems with blood sugar?  It’s just not logical.

Of course those with Type 1 diabetes absolutely need some insulin.  Again though, how can it be appropriate to eat carbs freely as long as you compensate with fast acting insulin injections?

So it’s great that this issue is now being more widely recognised.

But what’s the alternative?

Take a look at my vids to see that it’s perfectly possible for Type 2s to live without insulin:

And for Type 1s to dramatically reduce theirs too:



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