Diabetes is a problem. What’s the solution?

tonightWas it just me, or was anyone else not just a little disappointed by the Tonight program about Diabetes on Thursday?

It had some good points – and nicely got across the rising tide of obesity related Type 2 diabetes in the UK.  It highlighted the good work being done by Diabetes UK to identify people with the disease or courting it by being at risk.  It highlighted the horrible complications such as amputation and loss of limbs.

It did nothing, however, to suggest a realistic solution to the problem.  Sure it featured the good work being undertaken by Newcastle University to show that a restricted 600-800 calorie diet will reverse the symptoms at an early stage following diagnosis.  But there was nothing on offer for the majority of people living with the disease or at risk in terms of good long-term nutritional and lifestyle advice.

And I have to conclude today that that’s because the mainstream medical profession continues to bury it’s head in the sand, along with the food industry and our government, about what really needs to be done.  As we hit the all time record high of 4 million diabetic people in the UK isn’t it time for a sea-change?

What do I mean?

  • Real education about how the body uses food – it’s not OK for a hospital dietician or nurse or doctor to suggest you can continue to eat pretty much as “normal”, as in the case of the recent ex-CE of the NHS.
  • Hard hitting evidence about the consequences of not dramatically changing the way in which we eat.
  • Personal responsibility – because we need to change our eating habits!
  • Corporate responsibility – because the food industry is knowingly feeding you the stuff that will make you fat, sick and tired!
  • Stretch targets for the medical profession – rather than government incentives for the bare minimum as the QOF framework currently provides.

Is it just me?  Let me know!

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  1. Posted June 9, 2014 at 9:49 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Most of my in-laws are diabetic. I worry sometimes about my wife, and sometimes I try to tell her to be careful with what she eats. She is the best cook in the world as far as I am concerned and I hate making her feel bad by reminding her every time to watch what she puts in our food. It is really difficult to control oneself in times of plenty. This is a good post, thanks for sharing.

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