Weightwatchers living off the fat of the land!

WW cheeseI am horrified today to read reports that the NHS have decided to refer obese patients with type 2 diabetes to Weightwatchers and their peers in an effort to meet NICE guidelines.

If these clubs worked we wouldn’t have such a huge issue with obesity today – they have been going long enough to have made a positive impact.  They haven’t!


Because it’s not in their interests to be effective.  A former director of Weightwatchers made this shocking admission in the BBC 2 documentary series “The Men Who Made Us Thin”.  This quote from the BBC media website says it all:

Jacques speaks to a former director of Weight Watchers, who admits that customer failure was a significant factor in the company’s profits: people have to keep coming back.”

The full horrors underpinning the flawed notion of Weightwatchers as our supposed national solution are revealed in other reports this week which expose the real truth about Weightwatchers branded food products.

Not a good news day for the health of the nation!

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