End days for the NHS?

moneydownthedrainSo last week my blog focused on the financial worries of the NHS, and how that might impact on diabetes care in the UK. Not as a distant concern, but an immediate one – taking into account a key report on the unsustainability of the NHS.

If the imminent collapse of this beloved institution seems overblown and far-fetched, you might be unnerved to find that GPs are considering charging for each visit to their surgeries, as reported by the Telegraph.

I love the quote, “But some leading doctors suggested the measure could put off patients with a genuine need for help, and could “hinder the doctor-patient relationship“.  Well for sure it will change it.  It hopefully means that patients will expect results for their money!  

And where diabetes is concerned it’s about time we expected some results for the £10 billion spent within the NHS every year!  For £10 billion we should be expecting a year-on-year improvement, yet the latest figures from Diabetes UK continue to make the same old gloomy predictions:

A report by charity Diabetes UK, seen by The Daily Mail, says managing the condition already accounts for about 10 per cent of the total NHS budget, with most being spent on complications such as amputations and strokes. Costs will continue to rise over the next 20 years, warns the charity, when diabetes is expected to account for 17 per cent of the NHS budget. Diabetes UK argues that money is often spent badly, with sufferers diagnosed late, meaning they have to spend extra days in hospital running up huge bills for the NHS. Barbara Young, chief executive of Diabetes UK, said: “The NHS is spending an eye-watering amount on diabetes but the money isn’t being used effectively, which is running up a huge bill for the future“.

In the same report Diabetes UK acknowledge that hope lies in education – yet reports that only 10% patients are being offered that.  And they are unlikely to be offered more care from a devoid financial pot I would suggest!

It just doesn’t pan out does it?  A need for a rise from 10% to 17% of the total NHS budget to be used for diabetes care is hardly likely to happen with the current financial predictions. How can it?

So will you spend your own cash at the GP surgery (on top of the billions in taxes they already receive how can you be sure this won’t be pouring your money down the drain)?  Or are you ready yet to take up access to the means for much better clinical outcomes for yourself and your loved ones?

Ready and willing to help for a fraction of what you might have to spend on existing NHS services – RebalanceDiabetes reporting for duty – click here!


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