Diabetes the norm but not normal!

diabetes amputationWhen I started my RebalanceDiabetes blog last year, my first post was a video piece in which I asked whether, because diabetes is so common, we trivialise the severity of the disease.  Take a trip back along memory lane for another look: here’s the link!

And here we are several months later, and the media are now exploring the same question.  The Mail states, “Type 2 diabetes is rapidly becoming normalised and many people see it as a mere inconvenience, or even an inevitable part of ageing“.  In the same (slightly bizarre it must be said!) article, Dr. Max Pemberton claims he would rather be diagnosed with HIV than diabetes due to the seriousness of the complications and effects on life expectancy of the latter.

Today the media is full of reports of the high levels of diabetes-related amputations occurring in some parts of the country. Diabetes UK report that over 100 such amputations are being carried out every week – and the rates are rising. Shockingly about 50% of the amputees die within 2 years of the surgery.  Yet an estimated 80% could be avoided with better foot care programs.

The emotional aspects of diabetes are also not being adequately addressed according to a new study – with the acronym DAWN.  People with diabetes are significantly more likely to experience stress, anxiety and even depression.

The failures in diabetes care within the UK are catastrophic – yet still there remains a lack of real nutritional and lifestyle focus within mainstream services.  That’s exactly why RebalanceDiabetes is needed!  Whilst I understand Max Pemberton’s sentiment about HIV vs diabetes wishing for one serious illness over another surely can’t be the way to go? The complications usually associated with diabetes don’t have to be foregone conclusions.  Amputations don’t have to be unavoidable. A 10-year shorter lifespan doesn’t have to be inevitable.

Simon Crack, a solicitor, Type 1 diabetic and recent RebalanceDiabetes graduate, kindly wrote to say he feels that 10 years of his life were wasted before he finally met the programme.  Now he has lost over a stone in weight; his HbA1c is down; his energy and vitality are up; he is off statins and he is taking less fast-acting insulin than ever before because his blood glucose levels are so well balanced on a daily basis.

This is achievable for anyone with diabetes who is prepared to make change.  Get in touch.  Don’t worry that I’m in York if you aren’t – modern technology means we can still work together.  RebalanceDiabetes is totally unique, and you won’t find it anywhere else – at least for now!



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