Scandal of sugar as the norm!

“Being overweight is increasingly seen as the norm, England’s chief medical officer says…Dame Sally blamed the way weight was being portrayed by the media and clothes industry.”  says the BBC this week.

The statistical facts speak for themselves do they not?  Overweight is not simply being seen as the norm: overweight is fast becoming the actual norm!  According to the same BBC report 75% of adults and 33% of children may now be overweight or obese, at a cost of over £5 billion per. year to the NHS.

Just 2 days earlier the BBC reported the scandal of liver disease inaction.   The report declares:

  • Deaths rose by 40% in England between 2001-2012, from 7,841 to 10,948
  • In the past decade there has been a five-fold increase in cirrhosis among people aged 35-55
  • Deaths from liver disease are rising in the UK, but falling in most other European countries.
  • One in five people in the UK is at risk of serious liver damage

One of the biggest contributors to liver disease in the UK is obesity.  Yes – the new “norm” itself is also responsible for a high proportion of liver disease: specifically non-alcoholic fatty liver syndrome.

We increasingly know now that excessive sugar consumption is the root cause.  Dame Sally is right to point to the media as having some culpability here: not by how it portrays weight itself, but by the way it turns a blind eye to the way the food industry promotes sugar-laden foods as healthy!

With all the knowledge out there as a result of recent clinical research:

  • why is the food industry still allowed to advertise sugary, refined carbohydrate-rich foods as the healthy option?
  • why is the food industry still allowed to promote low-fat (aka sugar laden) foods as the healthy option?

It beggars belief that the food industry, the media, and the government are creating the problems of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and now, to add to the list, liver disease, whilst at the same time moaning about a lack of action.  A lack of action by whom I would like to ask?

I don’t agree that people are ignorant of their own status as overweight or obese.  I don’t agree at all!  If people were ignorant they wouldn’t be spending a fortune on the so called “healthy options” that make massive profits for the companies that continue to promote and profit from the very products that are causing the problem in the first place!

What people are ignorant of are the true scandals!  The true scandals are that despite all the evidence:

  • the food industry continues to promote sugary, refined-carbohydrate-rich foods.
  • the food industry still claims low-fat to be the healthy option (e.g. a leading brand of low-fat cream cheese contains 50% more sugar than its own full-fat version).
  • the media is happy to profit from advertising revenues from sugar-laden foods.
  • the government continues to collude with its corporate food friends who provide the most harmful foods.
  • the government will not adopt any policy to damage its relationship with the corporate food giants who continue to poison us with addictive sugar – including a suggested sugar tax.
  • the government blames misinformed people – who do try to adopt a healthy diet but fail because food messages are corrupt – for their own failures to take responsible measures to improve available food choices.
  • that obesity is the norm because the food industry, the media and the government are not behaving responsibly.
  • that liver disease is rising in the UK when it is entirely preventable – as evidenced by the falling incidences in other European countries.


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