The evils of sugar is old news!

mediaI am reading with interest all the “news” items pertaining to the dangers of sugar consumption…BUT wondering why it is being considered as news?

After all it is 40+ years since John Yudkin published his (originally-discredited-but-now-hailed-as-a-classic-medical-expose) book “Pure White and Deadly“, alerting us all to the reality of the nature of sugar and its negative effects on our health.

Where, I wonder, was any decent investigative journalism at the time of this crucial work being attacked by the sugar industry?

The fact that the food industry perpetrated one of the biggest public health scandals of modern times; the fact that western governments allowed/colluded with the food industry to get away with that; the fact that the medical profession turned a blind eye and have continued to expound incorrect assertions that low-fat is healthy for far far too long all went unchallenged by our newpapers and media industries. Apparently “Sugargate” attracted no Woodward and Bernstein equivalents! What happened guys?  Was public health just not a sexy-enough subject in those days to warrant your fickle attention?  Or have you actually been complicit with the food and pharmaceutical industries whose views, after all, you have been happy to promote for decades at the expense of our health?  Why promote food as medicine when Pharma has a drug to sell huh?  Why villify sugar when there are such huge profits to be made from prescribing metformin or insulin? “Wonder drug…” makes such a great headline after all!

What!!??“, I hear you journos cry in mock horror! Oh come on guys – despite all the evidence; despite doctors like Malcolm Kendrick and colleagues, men cast in the mould of John Yudkin, who challenge mainstream (profit-oriented) views about statins for example, alerting us to new health scandals, all you still seem to be interested in promoting are views that benefit big business rather than ordinary people.  In just one week we have seen not one but two articles in the Express exhorting us all, perhaps insisting we all, take statins whether we need them or not! Shame on you Express – you have promoted Pharma’s messages without any independent thought or research or opinion.  That’s not journalism – that’s kowtowing! And that’s exactly what you have done until now with regards to sugar!  You have continued to peddle incorrect messages about the dangers of fat, overlooked the real dangers in sugar, and should absolutely take your share of the blame for obesity and diabetes crises you talk so much about!

I smile at the Telegraph article vindicating John Yudkin – “the man who tried to warn us about sugar“.  40 years too late guys for all those people who could have been helped if you had done a little more intelligent digging into John Yudkin’s work 4 decades ago. If only you had wondered why the sugar industry felt such an urgent need to discredit one man’s work.  Now it’s 40 years too late for all those people who have gone on to develop diabetes, heart disease and more as a result of the truth about sugar being suppressed.

Linking your name with John Yudkin now seems to be a cynical move I believe, and disrespectful to all therapists who have supported his views for years only to have been labelled “quacks” in your quest for evermore shocking headlines.  This appalling situation would have perpetuated if it weren’t for Professor Robert Lustig again raising the issue of sugar: and all credit to him for pointing to John Yudkin as his own inspiration for “Sugar – The Bitter Truth“.

The press is incredibly influential in terms of ordinary people’s beliefs about what is healthy and what is harmful. Too often – all too often – I am faced with patients and clients who genuinely try to look after themselves, but who base their efforts on incorrect and inappropriate information gleaned from the newspapers and other media channels.  They have been badly let down!  They continue to be badly let down!

Let’s have some articles that the journalists would stake their own health and lives on!


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    Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you penning this post and also
    the rest of the website is really good.

    • Posted April 10, 2014 at 4:15 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Thanks for that. And am intrigued that Tamiflu – and the fact that our Government has wasted so much money on it – has been hitting the news again just today!

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